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Water Like a Champ

Start saving water today! One of the great mysteries of sprinkler systems is how to program your timer, so you don’t waste water. Making sure you use just the right amount of water starts with an irrigation audit which leads to maximum sprinkler efficiency, and that’s where The Hydro-Rain sprinkler catch cups (also known as catch cans) come in. They effectively help you conserve water, perform your sprinkler audit, and reduce your water bill by accurately measuring sprinkler application rates for each watering station.

How it works

Place the catch cups in the included catch stands, run your sprinkler timer for 10-20 minutes per station, record the amount of water that falls into each cup and input the numbers into the Hydro-Rain exclusive watering schedule application. Voila! Using a combination of site-specific and historical weather data, the scheduling application will tell you the optimum timer schedule for each station, including duration and frequency settings for every month of the year.

New Timers

Looking for a new sprinkler timer?  Check out the Hydro-Rain Controllers powered by B-hyve.

Want Faster Installs?

Time is money, and the less time you spend on one job means more time you can spend on others.  The Hydro-Rain selection of Blu-Lock pipe and fittings mean a quality installation that only requires a fraction of the time.  Learn more here.